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ESG In The Boardroom

ESG In The Boardroom | ESG Investing | Online ESG Training Course

GBAC offers an ESG board certification course that will give your directors the tools they need to make sound decisions about environmental and social responsibility. Our courses are developed in collaboration with leading board experts from around the world, so you can be sure your board is getting the best possible education. In addition, our Ai Centers of excellence provide benchmarking services against public and private companies so you can see how you stack up against the competition.
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Course Details

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    • The First thing every CEO should know

    • USA to Major Developed Capital Markets adding ESG to Board of Directors Agenda - Sustainable Stock Exchanges

    • Global Regulatory Bodies Mandatory ESG Reporting and Disclosures

    • ESG Certified Board Member Evolving Requirements

    • Attracting Investors - Selling Sustainable Global Green Debt

    • Module 2 Downloads

  3. 03
    • ESG Artificial Intelligence Strategy Centers of Excellence (COE)

    • To Automate or Not Automate? Supply chains, Vendor Management, and Procurement

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    • ESG Data, Artificial Intelligence and Internal Controls

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    • ESG Frameworks Global Harmonization is Evolving Faster than expected

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    • ESG Scores- Deep Dive and Case Study

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    • Materiality Assessments and Third-Party Independent Audit Certifications - Aligning ESG to ERM Framework Case Studies

  5. 05
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    • What are Carbon Markets, Carbon Offset?

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    • Pro Tips on Avoiding Greenwashing Litigation & Regulator Fines

  6. 06
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    • Long Term Sustainable Strategy

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    • Steps A-Z for Sustainability + Enablers = GBAC SustainEnabler

    • BONUS - Chair To Do ESG Infographic to share with Board Colleagues

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    • Next To ESG Steps


    • Hidden Bonus, - Join Elite GBAC Platinum Group For Networking

Get a board-level understanding of ESG factors and how they impact your business

Get ahead of the curve and learn how to integrate ESG into your boardroom strategy today.

Are you prepared for the future of corporate governance with Ai?


The Covid pandemic and violence in Ukraine have shown us how vital supply chains are and how quickly things can go wrong. Geopolitical tensions are rising, and you can't afford to be left behind.

GBAC ESG board certification course provides the training you need to stay ahead of the curve. Boardroom Experts design our studies in risk management, artificial intelligence, and geopolitical analysis to ensure that you're getting the most up-to-date information possible.

Social proof: testimonials

“Yusuf, ... You take a vast amount of information and have created a means for us views to create actionable knowledge for the benefit of all stakeholders involved.”

CEO The Dandy Horse

Mark Kabbash

“I highly recommend the GBAC ESG Board Certification Online Course as the best guide for board chairmen in understanding risks, stakeholder capitalism, and aligning to global ESG reporting frameworks for multinationals. The course thoroughly explores net zero enterprise-wide digital transformation and equips participants with the necessary tools and knowledge to successfully navigate this complex subject. The materials are comprehensive and easy to understand, and the self-study format allows for flexibility and convenience. I have personally seen the positive impact that completing this course has had on my company's approach to ESG issues. I highly recommend it to any board chairman looking to stay ahead of the game in an increasingly important and ever-changing field. ”

Governance and CSR Committee, Biotech, health care & pharma

Board of Director Re100 Gold member Europe

“There are only two ways to address sustainability and ESG at Board and Executive Management levels. The first method is trial and error. Errors do cost money, regulatory litigation, and in many cases, irreparable reputational damage by the stakeholders and investors alike. The second method, and by far the recommended method, is to get the right education from companies such as GBAC, where knowledge and certification can be acquired and shared! To our knowledge, few executive certification programs integrate the use of Artificial Intelligence AI in all aspects of sustainability - from supply chain to carbon footprint reporting to process automation. We found that the GBAC program provides a very good set of frameworks for applying AI in all key areas of ESG and Sustainability, bringing digital transformation into the focus of Directors and Executives. ”

Executive Director, The Actionable Knowledge Foundational Institute (AKFI)

Manuel Vexler

“The Dandy Horse, Inc. aims to be the #firsttomarket with #VIDAT the Commuter Traceability tool for cyclists to earn credit for being a #greencommuter. We hope Yusuf Azizullah can continue to be an educator on Boards of Directors on sound #netzerocarbon emissions practices. It all should start with how the Employee gets to work. #greentech #insuretech #fintech”

CEO The Dandy Horse

Mark Kabbash

“#ESG and #fintech board of directors will find value in these courses. #CarbonMarket is vast and growing.#VIDAT plans first to market on #Scope3 #commutertraceability GBAC ESG Board Certification Course, Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence”

CEO The Dandy Horse

Mark Kabbash

“Mark Kabbash CEO of The Dandy Horse about Yusuf: "We thank you and can't say enough about your skills and portfolio of materials. GBAC- Global Board Advisors Corp is the real deal! ”

CEO of The Dandy Horse

Mark Kabbash

Bonus Downloads

  • Chair Infographic

    Corporate social responsibility and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations are more important than ever for businesses. But it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to implementing ESG policies. Our Seven ABC steps for Chair of the Board ESG To-Do Lists infographic is a great place to start. This easy-to-follow guide will help you get your boardroom colleagues and senior management on the same page when it comes to corporate social responsibility and ESG considerations.

  • Pro tips on Avoiding Greenwashing Litigation

    Companies are being sued for greenwashing or making misleading environmental claims. It's more important than ever for companies to be honest and accurate about their environmental claims. Misleading customers can lead to expensive litigation and bad press. The best way to avoid greenwashing lawsuits is to make sure your environmental claims are truthful independently verified and backed up by science. GBAC ESG board certification course, Ai Centers of excellence offers the most comprehensive and scientifically accurate training in the industry. We'll help you make sure your company's marketing is 100% legal and environmentally responsible.

  • Tying Ai ESG factors to ERM framework

    Most organizations don't understand using artificial intelligence (Ai) to create value and manage risk. Without a doubt, Ai is one of the most powerful technologies companies have ever seen. But with great power comes significant risk. If you're not careful, you could easily find your company on the wrong side of history. Our Ai ESG board certification course will help you understand how to use Ai to create value and manage risk. We'll also show you how to tie Ai factors into your existing ERM framework.


  • Is this Course Right for me?

    1. Get certified in one of the most cutting-edge and in-demand fields today: artificial intelligence. Help your boardroom stay informed. How can Ai COE increase your ESG scores and cut carbon emissions? 2. Mitigate risk by implementing a board-level governance framework for AI & ESG Factors 3. Comply with global regulations and protect your data with an AI-specific ESG boardroom certification 4. Gain access to an exclusive online community of fellow AI ESG board leaders and professionals. 5. Demonstrate your commitment to responsible governance and sustainable investing

  • Where Do I Begin?

    Our 7 Steps Infographic Chair To-Do Must List? Bonus download. Easy to share with your boardroom colleagues, from starting your ESG journey with a Materiality Assessment to hiring your first Chief Sustainability Officer? + Costly Secrets to Avoid

  • Which Framework to Use – GRI, SASB, TCFD?

    With at least 34 Global standards setters and counting, this Course will provide global Stats on the most used frameworks. The answer depends on which audience you want to inform and share about the ESG journey. From Institutional investors, regulators or stakeholders’ customers, the public, and prospect clients. Each framework has pros and cons GBAC recommends using multiple frameworks in the materiality assessments; GRI is the most used globally.